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    Examples of funding you have achieved can be just a single line:

    We gained £XXX from XXXX to deliver XXXX and XXX people took part.

    Or if you have more detail to share by way of case study, please use our easy Case Study template attached.

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    I have added in the following points raised at the Haringey Cycling Conference 24/09/15.

    Office costs reduced
    Marketing knowledge
    Varied services may be available, ie beyond Bikeability
    Experience of work in other boroughs/counties

    Stuck with provider/need to manage relationship

    There may be a pre-procured solution, eg in London TfL have a Pan London contract with a provider that borough can access.
    You might be able to get funding from the YST.
    Do a site visit and see your prospective provider's training in action.
    Read the TABS Procurement Guidance.

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    There is much more happening than we could list on the flyer, but it gives you an idea. From Rollapaluza, live music and food stalls to face painting, bouncy castle and cycle clothing.

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    Finsbury Park
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    All the fun of the fair at North London's finest cycle festival!

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    The following are notes from the In-house Bikeability delivery surgery from the conference (12 May 2015). This is from two sessions, please feel free to comment, add, amend or embellish. Please let us know your thoughts...

    • Cost effective
    • Integration with wider programme
    • Local knowledge
    • Certainty about training figures
    • Control and manageability – esp. speed of decision-making
    • Relationships with schools – trust
    • Quality and consistency
    • Bespoke solutions possible
    • Long-term strategies easier
    • No procurement process needed

    Challenges and solutions

    1. Team retention can be a problem. We like to keep our talent and build around it. Proposed solutions:
      Best pay and working conditions possible
      Regular engagement (eg regular team meeting, email updates)
      Giving extra responsibility to experienced members
      Offer CPD where possible
    2. How do we employ NSIs: F/T, contract and contractors/freelance. This really is a question of choosing the best solution from the possible one for your LA. Be aware that giving CPD training to some of your team and not others (ie non-mandatory training), can have tax consequences for team and management if you employ freelance NSIs.
    3. Can have a shortage (or a a surplus) of instructors, especially at peak and troughs times of the year. Proposed solutions:
      Smooth the peaks by working with schools to book throughout the year
      If the scheme manager is an NSI, they can pitch in in peaks
      Get instructors to do bike checks ahead of time for future courses in troughs
    4. Balancing deliver and strategy makes for a bigger workload. This goes with the territory!
      Proposed solutions:
      Get a strategy or delivery-minded colleague from another team to meet with you on a regular basis as a sounding board.
      There are various web and IT solution. Use the best you can afford.
    5. Managing costs and getting best value for money
      Proposed solutions:
      Train NSIs or pay to get them trained (some will work for nothing, eg PCSOs, Heads of PE)
      Run four-day courses rather than five
      Use pool bikes to get better attendance (and lower cost per place)
      Consider charging schools for low attendance
      Share delivery of some courses with other authorities
      Approach public health for funding, eg for exercise on referral
    6. Need to create an income.
      Proposed solutions:
      Hire services of team out, eg for Dr Bikes, led rides and workplace maintenance classes.
    7. How do we achieve an uplift in adult training numbers (perhaps a wider than in-house delivery issue).
      Proposed solutions:
      Offer workplace training
      Run adult group sessions for beginners/L1
      Run adult groups for specific target audiences: women/ethnic groups/over 55s
      Offer family training sessions, getting parents to train alongside their children
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    Islington Council are recruiting an assistant cycling officer to help grow cycling in this exciting central London borough.

    For full details and to apply go here.

    The closing date is 07.09.14.