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  • Recently I contacted a county council on the periphery of London about working with them as an NSIP. They appeared were very keen to have me on board, and put me in touch with a employment agency who 'manage' instructors for them. On talking with the agency it transpires that they pay instructors £7.31/hr rising to £7.83 when fully qualified.

    As a fairly new instructor it is always tempting to not rock the boat, however, I was really disappointed with this (okay, actually I was shocked!). I do not think it represents a good deal for instructors, and not only that, but having dealt with agencies in my former working life know that they take a sizable cut, so the set up probably isn't even such a good deal financially for the council either.

    I need to e-mail the council contact and let him know I will not be going ahead with working with them, and I'm going to tell him why. However, before I email him I wonder if anyone can tell me:

    1. Is there is a difference in the current level of funding for cycle training outside of London?
    2. Is this a normal set up / pay conditions for councils / instructors outside of London?
    3. Am I being unrealistic / naive in my expectations?

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