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Cycling Officer for Lincolnshire County Council, overseeing the Bikeability scheme for the county of Lincolnshire and working on other exciting cycling initiative.

Born again road cyclist following conversion through tax-free bike to work scheme. Regular cycle commuter, leisure rider, SkyRide leader and general lover of two wheeled freedom.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'd like to gather some information on rates of pay for Bikeability Instructors/Assistant Instructors around the country so we can compare our pay with the national picture. I'd be really grateful for any information from local authorities, ITOs, and any external providers.

    I know this is a sensitive issue for some so would be happy to receive anything people have for me via my email address: philip.watt@lincolnshire.gov.uk

    Thanks everyone in advance,


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    Thanks everyone - it's really interesting to hear that similar issues are encountered in different areas.

    Using other riders to create traffic is something I've seen in action. I think that works quite well. If you have a large group (12 maybe) half can observe and look for positive points and learning points whilst the other half ride. Then they swap. On a small circuit that creates the conditions needed to require giving way. It's just important to emphasise that the trainees don't follow each other round in a big snake.

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    Hi everyone, my first post on the Tabs forum here!

    When it comes to making left/right turns regardless of whether or not we're turning from major to minor or minor to major the National Standards are (for me) clear; trainees should not stop before making the turn unless giving way to oncoming traffic.

    How do you 'square the circle' between the National Standard and the obligation to ensure that we observe each trainee making confident, consistent and competent turns, including stopping if necessary and positioning on the road?

    I'm thinking of a situation here where a trainee on a level 2 road may not encounter any oncoming traffic on any of their attempts to execute the turn.